Okay!! I’m so excited to tell you guys about this place. I absolutely love this place! This place has my heart! You need to visit this place. I’m not going to lie when I first visited this place it was before they had the Coffee sign up and I couldn’t find the door, I was seriously going to get back in my car and drive away but when we rounded the corner and saw the door I figured there was no going back and boy am I glad I didn’t. After the door literally pulled me in (before the door was fixed you had to put your hip into it so when it swung open the door flung you into the shop ( it’s fixed now)) I was immediately in love. This is an awesome place to sit and study or read a book. It is quiet with some table and chair seating and also a couple of sofa seating so you can curl up on a read or have a quiet conversation with a couple of friends. The best thing about this place is that it is always quiet anytime of day any day of the week it is nice and quiet. That is what keeps me coming back to this place it gives me a space to just sit and think in peace and quiet. They also have books available for you to read if you forget your own.  The staff is nice and friendly and always great you when you come in and thank you for coming when you leave.

It is located inside an old warehouse on the west side of San Antonio. You will have to park in the street across from the shop or in the surrounding neighborhoods. I have never had a problem in parking anywhere around the warehouse.

Everything that they serve is great. I usually have the Iced Dirty Horchata which is amazing for the summer, actually my husband says it taste like Christmas. They staff is very accommodating, I went in for a Dirty Horchata and they were out of Horchata and instead of just telling me they were out and just having me pick something else the barista said she could make me something similar in taste if I’d like and I have to admit I was a little skeptical but I said yes anyway and to my surprise it tasted almost identical. It’s little things like that that keep me coming back! It’s things like that that stick in your mind and make you subconsciously compare every other place to go to the place that went just a little above and beyond to make sure you had a great experience. Thank You Eddie for setting the standard for your employees to follow. Although I don’t know him personally, every time I go in I see him walking around making sure that the customers are happy and seeing to it that the staff has everything they need. I have been to a few coffee shops and this isn’t something you see in very many shops.

You need to try everything including their new fall menu!

Also make sure to sign up for their subscription box, you choose how often you receive it and they do the rest. And sign up to be on their email list so that you can receive special offers! Stop on by for Happy Hour!!

Shotgun House Coffee Roasters

1333 Buena Vista St

San Antonio, TX 78207


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