I had a pretty laid back summer this year so I was able to read a few good books. I have book dates with my 8 year old son who loves to read as much as I do. We sit together in a quiet place for at least 30 minutes and read. I love it cause it’s our time together doing something we both love to do.

Let me share with you what books I read and a little bit about what I thought about them without giving the book away.


My first and probably my favorite book would have to be The Woman In the Window by A.J. Finn. This book was a little longer that I’d usually ready only because I like to read books in one sitting when I know I will have a quiet day to myself but none the less it was a great book to read. This book is about a woman who is afraid to leave her home so she spends her days drinking wine and spying on her neighbors. At first you don’t really know what has gone on in her life that has brought her to where she is so afraid of leaving her home. As the book goes on it starts to give you bits and pieces of her life and how she tragically ended up as a recluse. It will keep you guessing as to if what she is going through real or just her imagination. And when her  new neighbors move in and her life as she knows it starts to unravel and she is forced to face facts that she was unable to deal with in the past. It is super suspenseful and a true page turner. It will keep you guessing what is really going on in the life of Anna Fox and her new neighbors The Russells.




My next book was a book that I read was Sixty Days Left by Andrea Lechner-Becker. Okay so funny story about this book, I am part of a book club and this was the book of the month so I had no idea what the book was about. I bought it on Amazon and it happened to arrive just as I was leaving to get a pedicure, so I thought perfect I will start to read it as I’m getting my toes done. Big mistake! This book starts off super sad, and as I’m sitting in the pedicure chair and trying not to cry the lady who is doing my pedicure thinks she has done something to make me cry and begins to ask if I’m okay or if I need water. I feel so bad and have to put the book away and wait to read it when I got home. So a bit of advice if you get emotional easily don’t read  this book in public. This book is about a vey young woman named Willow who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has decided that she doesn’t want treatment and has opted for assisted suicide. So she basically has 60 days to get all her affairs in order and to reconcile her life. The book is made up of her journal entries so you get to read how she makes amends with some people in her life as well as how she decides to just let things in her life be knowing that there isn’t anything she can do to change past situations. It is very emotional at times and very honest and it gets you thinking about your own life and how you would spend your last sixty days on this earth. It makes you think, What is truly important to you? and how you would change things today in your life?



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