This place is a hidden jewel of the South side!! It’s nice and quaint. It small but very cute with a good amount of seating.  The service is awesome, the staff is super sweet they make you feel like family. I cannot say enough about this place. There is parking right next to the building and you can also park on the street on the side of the building.

They have lots of different drinks on the menu and also an assortment of pastries. I had the Siouxie and Alexis had the Two-tone. The Siouxie is a hot chocolate mixed with espresso and the Two-tone is a cold drink it has crushed Oreos, milk, coffee and whipped cream. Alexis suggest the Two-tone if you have a sweet tooth. The Siouxie is mellow even though it has espresso, the mexican hot chocolate evens it out.  They also have a coffee and other drinks that are mixed with CBD oil as well. They are very educated about the CBD oil products they sell so ask questions if it’s something you think will work for you or a family member. My husband has arthritis and so he did try an orange juice mixed with CBD oil and then went back the next day with a friend and he had a cranberry drink and he said it made him feel relaxed and eased the pain a bit. They also gave him some lotion mixed with CBD oil for his knuckles that were swollen that morning and it made the swelling go down and he was able to open and close his hand with a little more ease.

It is very lively here, they have music playing. I wouldn’t say it’s somewhere you can study or read a book because it is a little busy here. As I say that I look across the room to see a gentleman reading a book! Ha!  I guess I just need peace and quiet when I’m reading, I’m easily distracted. They have table seating as well as sofas and comfy chairs.

The Siouxie

They have a “Little Free Library” which is book exchange, I would describe it like a take one leave one type of thing. Awesome!!


I cannot say enough about this place it is a must try!!


Folklores Coffee House

5007 S Flores St.

San Antonio, TX 78214

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