The third book I read, I read while on vacation Any Man by Amber Tamblyn. I literally ordered it from Barnes and Noble and picked it up while on the way to Dallas. Again, this is another one of my book club books so I had no idea what it was about before I bought it. This book was super hard for me to read. I felt like I was being told a secret or being told something that was none of my business. This book is about something that none of us want to really think about let alone read about but none the less it is something that should most definitely be talked about. I was raised by a mother who was big on privacy and not telling anyone if anything bad happened to you it was supposed to be kept quiet and to yourself for only you to deal with and sometimes you were made to fell like if something like this happened to you it was some how your fault. This book is about sexual assaults on men. Now usually you don’t hear to much about men being sexually assaulted because of the shame, because we think of men as being strong or we think of  men usually being the aggressor. This book is about a group of men that had nothing in common other than they all experienced some kind of sexual violence some more gruesome than others but all were by the same person. At first, like all sexual assault victims they were ashamed about what happened to them but when they found each other they were able to rise as one voice and speak publicly about it and in turn help other men come forward. It shows how speaking out can truly help a person heal.




My final book that I read this summer was My Father’s Wives by Mike Greenberg. This book has many twist and turns in it and it keeps you thinking. This book is about Jonathan Sweetwater who on the outside looks like he has a perfect life. But when things start to fall apart in his marriage he feels like it’s because he never really had a relationship with his father. So he sets off to find his father’s five wives to maybe find out bits and pieces that he can put together so he can figure out who his father really was but in the process he finds out who he really is.  In trying to fill the void his father left in his life he starts to find that things in his own life aren’t what they seem. The author keeps you guessing and thinking.




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