This spot is in the medical center area of San Antonio. It is also super busy. But there is plenty of table and chair seating as well as some super comfy sofa seating. This place has music playing in the background a lot of students gather here to study and just hang out. It is kind of loud but it is such a nice hang out spot. I wouldn’t say you could like read a book here or study especially if you need to have quiet to concentrate.

They have a good size food menu and also lots of desserts. We have had their latte which of course is really good. Alexis also has had a Chocolate Mint Cold Brew it was amazing, you could taste and smell both chocolate and the mint. I have also had the Spiced up Grilled Cheese, it was very good, had a little bit of a spicy kick. The fruit cup was also great, the fruit was fresh and it was a good serving size.


Café Martinez

7302 Louis Pasteur Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78229


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