I’ve recently become curious with how people select books. I started looking around at people at the last book sale I was at when I noticed my daughter open the books she was looking at to the middle and read a few words. I was a little intrigued. I stared to think about my other children and how they picked out their books.



In the summer my 8 year old son picked a book from a book sale and it had a picture of a 1920’s Flapper on the cover. I asked him if he was sure he wanted that book and he said yes and walked away while shoving it in his book sale bag. I let him take it but I was not sure what attracted him to this particular book. My son is an bit of an introvert it is very difficult for him to make friends so last year he had one friend and he absolutely loved his new friend she was a little girl, he loved Gabrielle. I didn’t realize how much he liked her until I went to his school on day for a awards ceremony and Gabrielle waved at me then it finally snapped in my head. The picture of the Flapper on the cover of the book he picked out at the book sale looked exactly like Gabrielle. She was tall with dark skin and braids in her hair just like Gabrielle!

My 9 year old daughter is dyslexic. She likes to pick out comics because they don’t have a lot of words on one page and the pictures help her remember what the story was about. Her mind isn’t overloaded with words on a page that she can’t remember but she is still able to enjoy reading like the rest of her siblings. As she is able to add more words to her memory and actually retain the meaning she will be able to read longer books.

I am a judge a book by its cover type of girl. I will look at covers and titles of books and that’s how I choose if I will even pick up a book. If the title is interesting then I will read the flap or the back of the book to read what the book is about and that’s how I choose my books. I have picked out a book and then a few chapters in decided that it’s not the most interesting book I’ve read but I will usually stick with it and eventually get through it.

Obviously everyone likes different genres of books and for different reasons but now I’m curious to see how exactly they are making their selections. So now whenever I’m looking at books I always look around to see how everyone else is making their book selections.

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