This place is gorgeous!! It’s very comfortable in here! Besides the horrible Southtown parking situation, the atmosphere is great. The service is great, the staff is super sweet. 


The coffee is AMAZING!! I had a hot Hazelnut Latte with oat milk and Alexis had a cold Carmel Latte and the hubs had a hot chocolate. They all tasted great. They also have a breakfast menu with a nice variety of breakfast sandwiches and breakfast tacos. Alexis and I shared the breakfast sandwich. It had bacon and eggs w/cheese on a buttery Texas toast. It tasted great!! 


They have plenty of indoor seating and a couple of tables outdoors. They do have lots of outlets to plug into if you plan on staying a while and working. They also have free Wi-Fi, the password is written on a little chalkboard in front of the register. I say this because I’m super anti-social and I don’t really like to ask the staff for the password. I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there who are just as anti-social as I am. It is nice and quiet so you can read a book, study or just sit here and relax. They have nice soft music playing in the background, it’s super relaxing. It’s a nice place to just get away from the hustle and bustle of your day.

I’m excited to return. This place is a must try!



Don Martin’s

540 S Presa St

San Antonio, Tx 78205

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