This place is nice and cozy. The building itself is phenomenal! I can’t wait to go back there when it’s raining, I bet it’s gorgeous. It’s a nice place to just sit and work, read or have a moment to sit back relax and listen to the great music they have playing in the background.


The staff is very nice, they bring your drink to your table instead of just yelling your name into a sea of people. They have plenty of seating inside and outside as well. The day we went it was nice and cool so it was perfect sitting outside weather. They do have accessible outlets throughout so you can plug in if you are there to work. They also have plenty of parking around the shop.

20181125_115516 (1)

The coffee of course was amazing. I had the Mocha Chai Latte and Alexis of course had her usual regular Latte. They have a variety of non-dairy milk as well, I usually have the oat milk. They also have a good amount of sweet and savory snacks to choose from. They also have a limited variety of salads and small lunch snacks available in the deli cooler.

This shop is a must try if not for anything else other than to sit and sip coffee in this awesome structure.

PRESS Coffee

4035 Broadway

San Antonio, Texas 78209


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