If you are in Dallas, TX you need to try this coffee shop! This cool coffee shop on Greenville Ave is a must try. They do have a second location in Dallas on Welborn.

They have coffee, tea, smoothies, and even a good food menu! We had a Breakfast Sammie, classic croissant and it was delicious! They have a great staff, plenty of parking in the rear of the building and most importantly plenty of indoor and some outdoor seating!


It’s a great place to work for the day. They provide outlets at the tables indoor along the wall and they also have a big seating area in the rear for large parties so feel free to bring a group of friends to hang out and have a good time! This is definitely a place we will be returning to whenever we are in Dallas which will be quiet often since we have family there now!







Lucky Dog Books

Also while in Dallas we were able to visit a used book store in East Dallas called Lucky Dog Books! It was an amazing bookstore with a knowledgeable staff. We go to the bookstore a little early so while we were waiting we started talking to a gentleman outside the store who was also waiting for the store to open and he had nothing but good things to say about the store and the staff.


The store itself was really neat and there were plenty of clearly posted signs and even a bookstore map which made it easy to find what you are interested in. The store is big with plenty of books to choose from. If you visit their website it will inform you of any sales going on at the time or anything upcoming.

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