barrio 1

This is actually the first place we visited when we started our coffee shop journey. We instantly fell in love with this place because of it’s uniqueness. It is located on the West side of San Antonio on Culebra and when you first drive up to the shop it looks like and old house. Then you walk inside and it reminds me of an old tavern.

barrio 2

There is a bar where you can sit and drink your coffee and watch the barista work. There is also a lot of comfortable seating inside and plenty of seating outside. There is also Wi-Fi so you can work or just sit and just people watch. It’s nice and relaxing with music playing in the background and on the weekends seems to be pretty busy. They have plenty of drink options to choose from but best of all they have an awesome food menu to choose from as well. Their serving sizes are huge.

The owner of Barrio Barista, Mr. De Hoyos is a very sweet man he walks around and talks to customers to make sure they are doing okay. He has stopped by our table when we are there with my children to make sure they ate all their food. He has even given them cookies for finishing their food. He is super sweet as well as all the staff we have encountered at the shop.

barrio 3

The kids and I love this place and I’m sure you will too. Hope to see you there soon!


Barrio Barista

3735 Culebra Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78228


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