It started with a pop-up event in December 2018, and Lexis and I were hooked as we patiently waited for the opening of our new favorite coffee shop. Okay, maybe not patiently,  it more like lots of checking for updates on Instagram and definitely some messages trying to find out first when the much-anticipated opening would be. Fast forward to 4th of July (day of soft opening) and to say I was excited is an understatement. It’s finally open guys!!

Let me tell you about it! First of all, it is located in the Paradox bldg. on Broadway. The shop is very spacious with plenty of seating. It’s quiet enough for studying or reading a book. While there we also saw small meetings taking place and also other people working. Of course the coffee is amazing, but don’t forget to also grab a bag of coffee beans to take home with you so you can enjoy great coffee at home. My personal favorite is Peru Rutas Del Inca Cutervillo, but they are all great! Also, don’t forget to save your glass to go cup and bring it by the next time you stop in.

Blum Coffee and Tea

8522 Broadway St

San Antonio, TX 78217

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