Sleeve Summary: Karen Krupp was home making dinner for her husband. She was expecting him any second. The phone rang – it was the call she hoped she’d never get. She jumped in her car and raced to a neighborhood she thought she’d never visit. She peered into the dark, deserted building and braced herself for the worst.

After that , she remembered nothing.

They told her husband , Tom, she’d been in an accident. She must have lost control of her car as she sped through the roughest part of town.

The police suspect that Karen was up to no good. Bud her husband refuses to believe it. Her best friend is not so sure. And even Karen herself doesn’t know what to believe.

Then she realizes something in her house has been moved. Someone’s been there. And now, everyone is a stranger. Everyone has a secret – one they might even kill for.


My thoughts: I may be a little bias because Shari Lapena is my favorite author but like all her other books this one kept me turning the pages. I love that just when you think you know who the “bad guy” is in the story she switches it up on you in the end. For the entire story, I thought I knew definitely who the bad guy was and when I got to the last chapter I was wrong! It starts off easy enough but then when Karen and Toms past come back to haunt them it turns into a big mess. But then Brigid who turns out to be anything other than Karen best friend becomes an easy way out for Karen’s perfect plan. Karen thinks she has devised the perfect plan to make sure that it doesn’t come back to haunt her but she was wrong. When her past finds her she is determined to not let it ruin what she has built with Tom. But soon she finds out her past isn’t the only thing trying to ruin her relationship with Tom. Now she has two situations to deal with and she comes up with the perfect plan to make sure they both go away. The way Karen forges these two dilemmas into the perfect solution for both problems just shows you how smart she is.

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